Friday, June 16, 2017

Book 76: Grim

M. K. Eidem's Grim is the first of three books about an alien race known as Tornians.  After the emperor discovered a female human aboard a slave vessel and she became pregnant with his child, Grim was ordered to find the empress' home planet and retrieve twelve unprotected females to bring back to Tornian.  Lisa Miller, a widowed mother of two girls, was visiting her husband's grave when kidnapped.  Upon awakening she immediately demanded to be returned to her children.  The other warriors on the ship, assuming the children would be male, refused her request; but Grim, whose scars made him unwanted by the few females on his world, offered to retrieve her offspring if she would agree to join with only him.  Arriving on Earth, he is shocked to discover that her offspring are female; and it does not take long for one of the others on board to order his men to take Lisa and the girls away from Grim.  Grim must find a way to keep his new family safe both from those who would take them by force and those who would declare him legally unfit.

The children were a bit too well behaved to be believable and the relationship between Grim and Lisa a bit rushed despite their misunderstandings, but the overall tale was still entertaining and enjoyable with plenty of humor and romance throughout.  4 stars.

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